Compatibility Issues With McAfee

Compatibility Issues With McAfee

This post is all about knowing the Compatibility Issues with McAfee.

In the past, has gotten some slack for being a real resource guzzler and creating a lot of computer slowdown despite doing a decent job of stopping malware infections. But over the last couple of years, McAfee has really focused on refining its programs and optimizing them for peak performance without the lag. McAfee Antivirus Plus didn’t cause any noticeable slowdown during our in-house tests and was one of the only programs to earn a perfect score for malware protection from both us and other internet security testing labs.

Learn About the Compatibility Issues with McAfee

You might think that two anti-virus products are better than one, and while both Norton and McAfee are well-known and readily-available solutions, this is actually counter intuitive. The McAfee website provides a broad disclaimer that no Norton and McAfee products are compatible, while Norton specifically states that McAfee programs like McAfee VirusScan Enterprise are not compatible with Norton Family. When you use more than one anti-virus program simultaneously, you may run into false positives after one program locates and quarantines an infection. Furthermore, you might think that each program is finding different viruses because of proprietary naming when this isn’t actually the case. Pick one program and stick with it. You often don’t need to use more than one program because software companies like Symantec and McAfee provide all-in-one solutions that include anti-phishing, email protection and firewall functions.

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